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A word from Linda Phillips, our founder and Nuçi's mum.

A Beautiful Here is finally finished. I would never have predicted last year at this time that I'd now have a completed book. But I do and it was quite a journey punctuated by painful memories and reminders that I remain very angry about the way those with brain illnesses (major depression, etc.) are treated and stigmatized. I've dedicated the book "to those who suffer from major depression and to those who love them." I hope my book will offer insight into the feelings of those who suffer and more often than not suffer in silence and isolation. Surely, no one with a heart or an ounce of human compassion could make fun of or ridicule illnesses that are proven to be every bit as real and physical as cancer.

I also hope A Beautiful Here offers hope to those who suffer and for those who love them. Life is not to be endured, it is to be lived to the fullest and celebrated. We must make it easier and more cost effective to get good, appropriate help.

My third hope is that if you've lost someone, you'll grieve and grieve your way. But never give up on life or think you'll never be happy again. You will be - your lost loved one would want it that way. And . . . you can do great things in honor of the one you lost. You can make a positive difference in your little corner of the world.

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